DigPilot Excavator Guidance

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About the product


DigPilot AS

13 May 2011


Rumors that we have been bought by another company are not true. DigPilot AS is an independent privately owned shareholder company registered in Norway.


DigPilot AS develops and produces the DigPilot machine control system. The DigPilot machine control systems are sold and distributed throughout the world by the approved DigPilot dealers that can be found here.


Questions about the firm may be sent to info@digpilot.com and addressed to the director.



Jan Floberg








Excavator guidance

DigPilot provides all the information you need for accurate and efficient digging. Monitor your bucket teeth position with cm accuracy.


The system helps you dig precise grades, trenches and profiles, and it is so easy to install that you can do it yourself.